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The brand name Love Tiles was created in May 2008, replacing the brand name Novagres. This recent project, associated to a new concept of emotional marketing, aimed at following a communication and marketing policy started two years before. The challenge was to bond people, through affections, to a way of being and feeling each space within their homes, created by elegant, exclusive and unrepeatable atmospheres.

Gres Panaria Portugal Divisão Love Tiles owns one of the most important production units within the ceramic sector, which is the result of a culture that encourages continuous improvement, along with the constant investment in new technologies, design and training/recruitment of highly qualified human resources.Love Tiles success is based on the permanent search for new production methodologies and innovative product lines which are able to satisfy Client needs. The importance given to technical and design details has been a determining factor for successful competition within the paving and ceramic coating sector, allowing the company to keep its leading position on the market.



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